Desperate Desires (A Sweet and Spicy Novella)

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Lucinda said to the Duke, “You must think me terribly naïve, Your Grace. For all you know, I might have had lovers by the score. It could be that I am favoring you by allowing you to bed me.”

“Ballocks! More likely you’ve never seen a man’s cock prior to viewing mine. As for scores of lovers, that’s pure rubbish. You wouldn’t know what to do with a man unless I showed you.” The Duke heard her angrily fastening the ties of her robe. “Look at you, running away at the first sign of truth emitted.”

“I’m not running anywhere,” Lucinda said angrily as she came to stand near the Duke. “You simply try my patience.”

“You try your own patience, Madam. Consider yourself. I’m blindfolded yet I can easily sense your heatedness. You’re so hot, I can smell it on you. Beyond doubt, I know your nipples are still swollen.” The Duke’s voice lowered as he said pointedly, “They’re puckered, straining against the material because you wish me to suck them, don’t you? It pleases you when I bite into them because they’re so large and tender. And when I do bite them, it feels so good to you that you feel it all the way down in your puss, don’t you, my Lady? That sweet puss which, by the way, is already becoming soaked with your juices.

“I’m betting you want to dip your fingers in that tight puss, don’t you, pet? Because you know that before long, not only am I going to bury my cock in you, but I’m also going to tongue that sweet little puss of yours. I’m going to lick it and suck on your clit until you scream and beg me to take you. Only then will I stuff you full of this big, meaty cock. And all because you’ll want me to do it, won’t you, puss?” The Duke could hear her labored breathing. “In fact, you want it this very moment, don’t you?” He recognized that had she not been so hot for him, she would be berating him with a thousand words. As it stood, she was too wet with need to think about uttering a contrary word.

“You wish me to suck on your tits right now, don’t you, puss?” The Duke took her soft whimper as a “yes.”

“There’s no denying it, because I know what you need. Come, remove your robe, my Lady. Cast your temper aside and come get what you want. And what you want, puss, is to have this big cock inside you. Come here, my Lady. Now!”